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Does the vashikaran actually work?

Most of the answer requests i receive are about Vashikaran only. And interestingly most of the people who wish to know , how it gets done are the so called specialists. I simply answer ‘No’, it doesn't work. But as this is the most frequently asked question, i wish to explain it in length today. So, here we go.

There are two types of Vashikarans at macro level, First is by Shabar Mantras and some other lower level tantras. The second one is usually done by Highly realised souls, and they don't do Vashikaran on humans.

No matter how hard you try, this level of Vashikaran is out of bounds for you. They do it for themselves that too for very different reasons.

So, lets talk about the first type of Vashikaran. Even this is very very rare. Out of thousands who claim to be specialists at this, only a handful can actually do it. But there are consequences. These lower level tantras are called Shudra Tantras. Their range is very weak and it can be done for a very limited period of time. At the max for 40 days. If you do it on somebody, that person will start repeating your name 24 hours a day. He/she will forget who he/she is. He/she will only long for you to the level of insanity. Its not that he/she will start loving you, nothing like that. He/she will just be possessed, he/she will do anything in the world to come to you. But he/she will just be a puppet repeating your name insanely. Once the stipulated time is over, he/she will be black to completely normal state.

Now lets understand the science and logic behind it. It is commonly believed that we have our body and only our soul inside it. However, at any given point of time, there are many souls who enter our bodies to perform certain tasks. What kind of a soul enters you depends upon your Karma or what kind of energy you attract. You won't feel them, neither will they take you over, they are there just for sometime, they do their job and then they move out.

Sometimes when a powerful soul takes one over, we call it being possessed. Its very rare again but it happens. I have seen such cases. Now when one does certain ritual for the purpose of Vashikaran, he/she invites a higher negative energy , a Pret or Pishacch usually to take possession of the body of the person he/she wants to do Vashikaran on. They do it and then the person affected behaving as per the wish of that energy. Thats why he/she forgets who he/she is. It remains so for a certain period of time and then that energy leaves the body of the person affected and he/she becomes normal.

Now there two things which one needs to know even before thinking about it.

- Whoever says that if you give him this or that amount of money and he’ll get the Vashikaran done is nothing but a liar and cheat. Nobody can do it for anyone, if you want it, you’ll have to do it yourself. The process itself is scary, so much scary for a common person that he/she will get fainted even before it actually starts. Remember you are playing with the higher energies. And you are nothing in front of them. Mere sight of them is enough to kill you. So my advice is stay away from it.

- Suppose you are the daredevil and so strong and so strong minded that you can do it. And you actually end up performing it and you get that 40 days puppet screaming your name. Whats next ? In Tantra, nothing is without consequences. Those higher energies are not your servants, neither are they after booze or an animal sacrifice or a hawan etc. While people do it, they think they are controlling these energies and getting their work done through them. However only after the work done they realise that it was actually that energy who was playing with them. They are ethereal bodies, trapped in time because of their karmas. All they want is to get out of that time trap. For this they need Punya and they don't have any of their own as they are bodiless. What they start doing is, they take away part of your Punya as their fees and then you pay for your karmas attached with it.

- Now they take possession of you whenever they want, they do how they please and there is a very fair chance of you getting insane or even killed because of them. Its such a trap that once you are into it, there is no coming out o it. i have seen people getting insane after doing it on somebody and then nobody can save them.

- No one in the world can escape Karma. the people who we call Gods , even they couldn't escape it, who are you and me ? I hope you have understood why who knows how to do it will never do it for you.

- Even after doing all the shit and paying so dearly afterwards, what do you get ? a possessed puppet ? He/She ‘ll not even be like a human for those days. Remember its not him/her, its that energy..

- One should never ever get into this. We should always respect the law of the nature. We meet people, sometimes we even fall in love, we move on.. we have been doing it so many births and we’ll continue doing it for many more to come. So whats the point in wasting your energy for the want of possession of somebody ? Whatever, whoever you think is yours is going to be away from you.. its the law of nature. You can't change it no matter how hard you try. Its just a matter of time. Love, compassion, mercy are the qualities one should look for if one really wants to be happy…

- Sorry for such a long answer. I just felt i should write it in detail to clear the misunderstanding about this word ‘Vashikaran’

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