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Istikhara to get your love back

Dua For Love And Attraction – Islamic Dua to Attract Someone

Getting attracted to someone and falling in love is completely normal. Do you also want your crush to get attracted to you? You can make your wish of getting your love reciprocated come true by the grace of Allah. The dua for love and attraction is a remedy through which you get to catch the attention of your crush.

The dua to attract someone can also be used by a newly married couple. For the people who want to create attraction and love between you and your spouse, then you must use this dua. This dua is the easiest remedy to bring love and chemistry to your marriage.

Islamic Dua For Attraction

It is completely normal for teenagers and adults to feel attracted to a person. Both girls and boys feel attracted to people of opposite genders. When a young person feels attracted to someone, then they try a lot of things to catch the attention of their crush. If you think catching your lover’s attention is impossible, then the dua for attraction will change your mind.

The Islamic dua for attraction is a successful remedy that can create the feeling of love in anyone’s heart. If you think that your crush will never even look at you, then this dua will make it possible for you. The dua for love will give you control over your crush. You will be able to catch the attention of your crush in a romantic way. If you perform this dua with pure heart and intentions, you will get the best results pretty soon.

Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Which Dua Is For Love?

A person who has never fallen in love will never understand the true feeling of this experience. A lot of people have dreamt of falling in love. Are you one of those people who have never loved someone but want to fall in love desperately? Do you want to know which dua is for love?

If you have been searching for the best dua to fall in love with, then we can help you. The dua to create love in someone’s heart is the best remedy for your situation. This dua will create a feeling in your heart to find a person who is destined for you.

By the grace of Allah, this dua will show the best results for you. You will soon find an amazing person with whom you will fall in love deeply. This dua will also create the feeling of love in the other person’s heart. This dua has the power to change your life by bringing true love for your happiness.

Dua For Your Loved Ones

If you love someone truly, you would always want them to live happily. The holy Quran has a lot of duas that have been used by our ancestors to keep their loved ones happy always. If you want the people who are close to you to always remain happy, then the dua for your loved ones will help you.

With the dua for loved ones, you can ask Allah to always grace your close people to always remain happy. This dua can be performed by anyone. You can perform this dua for the happiness of your parents, siblings, lovers or friends.

The best way to perform this dua is written in the steps below:
- After performing ablution, sit in a place away from noise and distractions.
- Keep the picture of the person for whose happiness you are reciting this dua.
- Now, begin reciting this dua: “Surah mubarakaa Surah Ikhlaas, Asmmaa-ul-husnayaWadoodu”.
- With a pure heart, ask Allah Taala to fulfill all your wishes.

Insha Allah, you wish to keep your loved ones happy will give the best results.

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