Mohini vashikaran mantra for boyfriend

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Mohini vashikaran mantra for boyfriend

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

If you feel that your husband is seeing other women and has someone else in his life, then do not worry. The dua to make the husband loyal will work for your purpose well. The dua for husband to leave other woman has the power to make your husband become loyal to you.

The procedure for dua for husband to leave other woman is mentioned below –

- Make fresh ablution.
- Then perform the obligatory prayer of the night.
- Recite “Ya Lateefu” 129 times.
- Then blow on a glass of water.
- Make your husband drink that water.
- Perform this wazifa for three days constantly.
- Insha Allah, your husband will gradually stop seeing other women and will start listening to you and obey you.

If your husband beats you and tortures you, then your matter is serious, you should seek instant help from our Mubin Kazi Ji. He will guide you in the best possible way and help you in making your husband a good husband.

Dua to Make Husband Obedient

If your husband is into bad things and wrong habits like drinking or gambling and you are tired of his behavior, then you should recite the powerful dua to control your husband.

When you recite the powerful dua to make your husband obedient, your husband will not just listen to you but will give you preference in every matter. He will consider your opinion and will respect you as his wife.

In case, your husband is very disobedient and disrespects you every time you say something then recite the following mentioned dua:-
- Innal Laaha Yusmiu Manyashaoo.
- Recite this dua as many times as you can in the whole day.
- And blow in on him at night.
- When you recite this for 15 days with the complete process, your wish will complete soon.
- You can change the behavior of your husband by the use of this dua.

If your husband is having an affair with someone else and you want him to come back to you then recite dua to stop husband cheating on you or dua for husband back in Islam.

The dua is an effective Islamic remedy that will help to make your husband listen to you. dua will make your husband obedient towards you. He will make you happy and quit all bad habits.

For all those wives whose husbands have a bad temper and get angry at small little things, they should recite dua to make the husband obedient. Wazifa is the best possible remedy to control your husband’s anger.

When you recite the wazifa for your husband, you will see that it will bring a change in the nature of your husband. He will not get furious at small things and his behavior towards you will surely change with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attract my husband with the above-mentioned dua?

If you read this dua with the full of your pure heart then there is hope that this dua will work in less period of time. You also need to perform the husband love dua will the complete guidance of an expert Islamic scholar.

What is the best dua to bring husband and wife closer?

You can read this best dua to bring husband and wife closer in Islam. This is the most powerful Islamic remedy for each and every kind of marriage-related problem.

How do I make my husband love me more than before?

If you want to make your husband love you and listen to you then you should recite this dua to make my husband love me and think of me. After reciting this dua you will see that your husband has started loving and caring about you more than before.

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